Aromatherapy Bath Bombs with Botanical Sets

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs with Botanical Sets

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Relax and enjoy the luxury of an aromatherapy bath with the aroma of one of our Signature Fragrance Blends created with an essential oil and a fragrance blend and an added botanical. Plus have the fun of watching the bath bomb fizzle away in your tub.

You can choose from various sizes which come in a box as a set. If you choose variety for your scent and have a preference send a message with your order as to what scents you would like in your box.

Bath bombs come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large

Bath bombs are very fragile. We do our best in packaging for shipping. If they do break in the shipping process, they have the same great result whether in one piece or not.

Details for Scent Choices:

Orange Clove: Sweet Orange and Clove Leaf Essential Oils with Calendula petals (Orange)

Tea Tree Lavender: Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils with Lavender Buds (Blue)

Lavender Woods: Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils and Sandalwood Fragrance Oil with Lavender Buds (Lavender)

Lemon Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Lemon Fragrance Oil with Eucalyptus leaves (Yellow)

Rosewood: Cedarwood Essential Oil, Rose Fragrance Oil and Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil with Rose Petals (Pink)

Mint Blossom: Spearmint Essential Oil and Peony Blossom Fragrance Oil with Spearmint leaves (Green)